I just got home after attending the 11th Annual QLS Succession Conference.
As always, this was a great opportunity to learn more about new issues, cases and trends in succession and elder law, along with a great opportunity for me to catch up with southern colleagues.
Stand-out events included:

  • a panel discussion between Christine Smyth and Michele Sheehan, both Accredited Specialists in Succession Law, about the intersection of family law and succession law;
  • Roger Traves SC on alternatives to family provision applications;
  • Caite Brewer, Accredited Specialist Succession Law, regarding the forfeiture rule; and
  • planning strategies for family discretionary trusts from Greg Cahill.

This conference follows closely to the STEP Qld Annuals Trusts and Estate Conference that I mentioned in my last blog about lost wills.
By attending events of this nature I can stay abreast of the law as it stands, even though my practice is based in Cairns. They are also a great opportunity to meet some of our preeminent trusts and succession lawyers, as well as new lawyers who are keen to develop skills and knowledge in my favourite area of law. It is a pleasure to be in the company of others who share my interest and to talk about current issues and developments in the law.
Most of the speakers provide an academic-type paper about their topic and I look forward to reading the detail of the topics discussed at my leisure over the next few months.
And, I am inspired to think about ideas for papers that I will write for future conferences or publication.