I am getting ready for my annual intensive teaching block at James Cook University in Cairns and Townsville. This means reviewing my past lectures and updating my teaching materials. It means checking legislation and I am reminded how things change!

Legislation changes continually and it means that the text books that I require my students to read are, in some places, out of date, even though they are the most recent editions.

It reminds me also of recent clients who have seen me to update their wills – wills made only a few years ago – because things have changed.

From one day to the next, unexpected things happen. People die, babies are born, relationships change. Expected things happen too, of course, and that can be built into the plan. I recently watched a thought-provoking presentation about the significant benefits of detailed planning for expected death. It is so inspiring to see people calmly and joyfully prepare for inevitable.
So, my blog this month is reflective, rather than legalistic, as I reflect on changes in the lives of my friends and family, and consider the inevitable changes that will occur.